Casa Cadorna a Doberdò del Lago

The Casa Cadorna refuge is located on Monte Castellazzo, one of the many karst hills near Doberdò del Lago. The building was built in 1916 (and later restored in 1977) at 106 meters above sea level. along a karst road used first by the Austro-Hungarians and, after the advance of the front towards the east in the Sixth Battle of the Isonzo, by the Italians. The dedication to the general dates back to a visit that Cadorna made to the troops in this place, considering it a refuge absolutely sheltered from possible enemy attacks.To reach this site you have to start from Doberdò and follow, on foot or by mountain bike, the CAI 77 path that ends near the lake. Along the way you can admire (paying attention) numerous military works, in particular walkways and workstations. After two two kilometers you arrive at the Casa Cadorna refuge from which you can enjoy the wonderful view towards Lake Doberdò and the Trieste Karst(especially on the line of Mount Ermada).
Along the CAI 77 path (starting from Via Vallone)
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