Event Time: from 10:00 / Event Location: Udine

MARATHON CITY INTERNATIONAL’ UDINE – 21 Km show Sunday 22 September 2019

20^ edizione della Maratonina Internazionale Città di Udine, che sarà preceduta e accompagnata, al solito, da una ricca serie di iniziative collaterali…

Arriving at the 20th edition, The International Marathon in Udine City is now a fixture in September, and not just for runners. This year many events scheduled to be unveiled in the coming months. Saturday 21 September morning featuring the guys from middle and high schools during the Relay, MiniRun in the afternoon for all children and travel with the dog for four-legged friends. Sunday 22 September, the International Marathon StraUdine competitive and open to all close on a weekend of sport and wellness! We wait
The race of the competitive Marathon It will depart from Piazza Primo Maggio and will wind along 21.097 kilometers entirely in the municipality of Udine, instead, arriving in Via Vittorio Veneto.
More from enrollment INTERNATIONAL MARATHON CITY 'DI UDINE to link

Please note that the Hotel Principe di Udine place of departure of the Marathon – Piazza Primo Maggio – It is easily reached on foot in just 10 minutes!



Luca Carboni in Concert at the Palmanova Outlet Village UD

Event Time: from 21:00 at 23:00 / Event Location: Palmanova Outlet Village OUT

Luca Carboni in Concert at the Palmanova Outlet Village UD
Saturday 31 August 2019 from 21.00 at 23:00 with its "Sputnik TOUR"


Luca Carboni will live all over the country with its “Sputnik Tour”. The pop Carboni copyright in the live show with a surprisingly colorful, where the images tell and amplify the music business that thrives on a ladder with very great success and songs, always at the top of the radio charts, the last two projects “Pop-Up” and “Sputnik”.

By getting him his band with Antonello Giorgi (battery), Ignazio Orlando (bass), Mauro Patelli e Antonello D’Urso (guitars) e Fulvio Ferrari Biguzzi (tastiere).

Il concerto di Luca Carboni è in programma per sabato 31 agosto al Palmanova Outlet Village di Aiello del Friuli.

L’evento è organizzato dal Palmanova Outlet Village.
Per info 0432 837810

A POCHI CHILOMETRI DA UDINE!!!! Un villaggio OUTLET fatto tutto di piccole casette multicolori che val la pena di esser visitato se amate far Shopping! Si fanno sempre ottimi affari 😉

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Palio di San Donato 2019

Event Time: from 23 th To 25 August 2019 / Event Location: Cividale (UD)

Palio di San Donato 2019 – In Cividale del Friuli UD il 23 + 24 + 25 August 2019

Immergetevi nella Cividale del Friuli del 1366 spicy fragrance!

20edition of Palio di San Donato It opens the gates to all visitors who wish to experience three days of festivities in a spectacular setting. "The whole city will be involved ducal dall'allestimento the fourteenth locations that will host a myriad of events prepared to meet, also literally, tastes and palates of all ".

The Palio di San Donato is the historical re-enactment "That every year records a steady growth consents and number of visitors (over 70.000 Attendance last year) - says Bernardi -proveniente from all over the Friuli Venezia Giulia, from neighboring regions, the Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia ". “IS an event that involves more than one thousand volunteers to work all year round; five villages, more than 500 appearing ". These are the numbers of the Palio di San Donato, the Feast of the Patron of Cividale which now turns over 17 years in the city evocative of an era stage.

I festivity the festival will begin Friday 23 agosto alle 18.30, when taverne will open its doors to welcome wayfarers, pilgrims and visitors that the third millennium will witness the numerous shows and theme activities, in every corner, piazza, by the city halls; music and performances will continue into the night with open taverns and medieval markets.

The three-day event commemorates Cividale, indeed, the tournament that, in celebration of the Patron Saint, It was banned in the city 21 August each year, from the fourteenth century to the 1797. Today i will only compete Cividale, protagonists of the pedestrian race and shooting competitions with bow and crossbow. It will challenge the Borgo Cathedral samples, Borgo San Pietro, Borgo San Domenico, Brossana Borgo and Borgo di Ponte, ma the entire audience is involved, accomplice magical and enchanting atmosphere which comes from the painstaking reconstruction of stage settings, animated by drum performances, jugglers, fire-breathing, Menestrel, jesters and musicians. Really numerous companies and groups of artists who take turns on the stage of the city: “a colorful program of music, infused with several spicy notes - said the deputy mayor – engage the artists and the extras in over 200 including parades appointments, shows, animations, concerts, demonstrations and fights that will culminate with the traditional fireworks show Sunday night ". An atmosphere rich in references to the trip, to exotic places, fantastic imagery one that shows and music for the prize suggest, "With a symbolic figure, that of the knight errant, to which they approach that of the traveler merchant, the pilgrims and the legendary figures who populate the stories ".

Discover soon the program Palio di San Donato 2019 on the web page of the organizers th To link

Schedules for links from the station of Udine trains (Located in front of Hotel Principe) the town of Cividale by train (20 minuti ca.) qui al link