Event Time: Until 20 February 2019 / Event Location: Udine, Palazzo Morpurgo Valvason

SHOW Fish Fossils of the Friulian Alps in Udine in Palazzo Morpurgo Valvason

Until 20 February 2019, a palazzo Morpurgo, in Udine (Via Savorgnana, 12), will be on display one hundred fish fossils found in our mountains, in from the Upper Triassic sites lasted about 50 million year between 252 and 201 million years ago.
They are fossils recovered in Preone and Raibl (UD). From Friuli sites here is the flying fish, only predators in the world.
Opening time:
Friday from 14.30 at 17.30;
Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 at 13.00 and by 14.30 at 17.30

Special openings: 26-27 December 2018 from 14.30 at 17.00 for groups and schools by appointment.

Free admission
Read more about this amazing display here on the article appeared in our local newspaper Messaggero Veneto to link

Palazzo Morpurgo Valvason headquarters of this special exhibition is less than 10 minute walk from the Hotel Principe di Udine!