Event Time: from 5 th To 13 September 2020 / Event Location: Cividale (UD)

MEDIUM HARD 2020 – Edition 29 – from 5 th To 13 September 2020 Cividale del Friuli (UD)

Remember the Hotel Principe di Udine is located opposite the train station and the train of Udine-Cividale railways you can reach the location of Mittelfest in 20 minutes just relaxing trip… consult timetables to link

Also during Mittelfest it come then normally added from the FUC also further evening rides…

Mittelfest is music, theater, dance, cinema, meetings. Mittelfest is a town - Cividale - that of its landscape and urban details did a stage. The 30 years, every summer, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Mittelfest turns the spotlight on a common European identity. but above all, It helps to shape it.

In his billboards, Mittelfest welcomed the work of masters such as Pina Bausch, The Beginnings, Luca Ronconi, and the story of witnesses as Biljana Srbljanovic and Lech Walesa. He gave space to stories of Peter Handke, Vaclav Havel, Claudio Magris, Krysztof Kieslowski, and revealed unpublished pages of Franz Kafka and Pier Paolo Pasolini. He has been able to treasure the words of poets and composers of the sensitivity of, da Wislawa Szymborska and Sofia Gubaidulina.

It has hosted stars like Isabelle Huppert, Franco Battiato, Mikhail Baryshnikov, but he has not forgotten the new ferments, that its geographical position allowed him to intercept: directors and choreographers such as Tomaž Pandur and Ivica Buljan, Josef Nadj e Angelin Preljocaj. Many figures of contemporary Italian scene, They have switched to Cividale first international success: Emma Dante, Pippo Delbono, Antonio Latella.




With the new project 2020, the shows will be mainly scheduled in three traditional locations (the Ristori Theater, the Church of San Francesco and Santa Maria dei Battuti), even if the use of new places is not excluded, with the protective measures and controls necessary to guarantee artists, festival audience and workers.

Do not miss the appointment with the music, Dance, theater and visual arts from the countries of Central Europe

Haris Pašović, Director of Mittelfest 2020

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