Event Time: from 4 th To 7 June 2020 / Event Location: Buttrio (UD)

Fiera Regionale dei Vini di Buttrio 2020 4+5+6+4 Giugno 2020 presso Parco e Villa di Toppo-Florio di Buttrio (UD)

88^ Edition

It 'a character culinary event with a focus on local wines of our region. Il banco d’assaggi offre le migliori produzioni a cui si alternano convegni tecnici e laboratori a tema. Non mancheranno attrazioni per la famiglie e per i più piccoli con letture e visite guidate.

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For over eighty years is the fixture to taste, in that sweet time when the spring leaves summer space, the best wines of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the rest of the Peninsula.

We are in the DOC area of ​​the eastern hills of Friuli, where wine culture has deep roots and the Pro Loco Buri (named in the Friulian language in the country) together with the Municipality the values ​​in a weekend full of events. Scenario of the Fair the splendid Villa di Toppo Florio, noble residence dating back to the early eighteenth century.

Here we will hold conferences and meetings scheduled; here especially it will enable the winery with tasting rooms adjoining, where the world of wine experts and gastronomy lead visitors to the discovery of extraordinary taste worlds. By partnering with Vinibuoni of Italy Guide, each edition confirms for fans of one of the most anticipated times of the year to find out the chalice with the best products from domestic wine cellars.
The park where the villa is set, with its fountains and the ancient statues, They will be enlivened by kiosks and activities for all ages, with ample space for the little ones. A clever mix between tradition and look to the future, to get lost for pleasant hours spent immersed among hills and vineyards.

Evento super-consigliato dallo Staff dell’Hotel Principe a 12 km da Udine!