Event Time: Friday 20:00 - 01:30 / Event Location: Udine, Fair Pavilion 6

CEGHEDACCIO March 2019 – Friday 29 March 2019 – Fiera di Udine
The next 29 March the party 70 80 most beautiful of the year will return to animate the pavilion 6 the Udine Fair – DO NOT MISS!!!!!
The staff is already at work throughout, many new products for the spring edition, The surprises do not miss!
Ceghedaccio, a blast from the past by 25 years, just for one night to live and tell.

How about scaternarci to the music 70 – '80???

Ceghedaccio is…..

The music, style, the atmosphere of the 70's 80's.

For more than 20 years the evening reliving the emotions of the past while looking to the future!

From 20.00 at 01.30 the Fiera di Udine, returns the most anticipated and beloved festival by music fans 70 years – '80.

The history of Ceghedaccio: fun, respect, safety and pleasure of being together The event debuted in 1993 in the then historic club La Botte di Pradamano, passing then in various local places of Udine increasingly capacious to accommodate a larger audience once again, up to lead, in 2004, the Fiera di Udine. During its various editions, the Ceghedaccio has been able to consolidate its success, so as to become a real "cultural phenomenon". And’ so that in October 2006 Renato Pontoni was invited by the Faculty of Education and the Department of Economics, Society and Territory of the University of Udine to participate in a meeting to discuss with the public "The Ceghedaccio style" which was attended by Dr.. Orioles of the Economics Department, Society and Territory and Dr.. Falcone's Department of History and Preservation of Cultural Heritage of the University of Udine.

A formula that of Ceghedaccio that has won the hearts of thousands of people every year are the simple pleasure of being together; a true example of how music can be a really fun and a means to spread the simple pleasure of culture and respect for themselves and others. More and more young people who want to experience a night on Ceghedaccio style thus making the musical event a true celebration transgenerational, a genuine cultural phenomenon. And the audience of Ceghediani, from year to year, grows… Musical choices vary from year to year thanks to the suggestions of the audience that, through their favorite songs, can personally contribute to the selection of songs of the evening and make it even more overwhelming and compelling programming of the evening. The successes of the '70s /' 80s replicated and mixed from the original vinyls will be enriched by performances by bands nationwide who perform live. At midnight of course can not miss the lenses, absolute must year 70/80.

Per risparmiare sul biglietto d’ingresso vi ricordiamo di richiedere la vostra personale “Ceghedaccio Card” per il CEGHEDACCIO March 2019 th To link