Event Time: hours 20:00 / Event Location: Udine, Cinema CENTRAL

BANFF Mountain Film Festival a Udine WORLD TOUR IN ITALIA – Thursday 12 March 2020 Film at Udine hours CENTRAL 20:00

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The great outdoors, the pristine mountains, wilderness: It is a dedicated to the evening grande cinema outdoor, a trip to the most remote and fascinating places on the planet to live extraordinary adventures together with athletes, adventurers and explorers. Mountain climbing, climbing, MTB, kayak e action sport: every evening is an event of more than two hours of high rate of excitement and fun projection.

Now in its 8th edition, the Italian tour will kick off in Genoa 12 February 2020 and it will continue in the main cities of Italy.

All films will be screened in their original language with subtitles in Italian. IF YOU LOVE THE MOUNTAIN YOU CAN NOT MISS!

– Tickets available at Fiascaris Viale Tricesimo 35. You should send an email to or call 0432 470280 to check availability.

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